Brick by Brick. Pixel by Pixel. Pixel Towers.

250 handcrafted Pixel Tower NFTs. Each costs 0.05ETH (Ethereum) to mint. Drops December 10th, 6.30pm Pacific.

Every tower is unique. And built to last forever.

36 Pixels

Each tower is made of 36 pixels, carefully stacked brick by brick. The towers rise 12 pixels in height and 3 pixels in width.

Fantastic Colors

Our proprietary color matching algorithm has carefully selected the perfect color for each pixel. Colors that inspire. We love them all.

Unique by design

Each tower is a statement, a declaration of individuality and a work of art. Simple yet elegant, unique by design.

Scalable to infinity

Our team of experts has packed the 36 pixels into a single file. More precisely, into an SVG graphic that can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

Built to last

Built to withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 8.3., the towers are designed by a group of international architects and civil engineers to last forever.

Protected Exclusives

Pixel Tower owners have access to protected and exclusive content on the website. Hurry up and get your access code.

New to NFTs?

We'll explain everything.

The Pixel Tower NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea starting December 10th, 6.30pm Pacific.